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With over 20 years professional software and database development expertise in-house, our staff's strong coupling of technical and business knowledge allows us to provide clients with world class solutions to their needs. We specialize in several areas of development:

Windows Applications
Southeast Solutions Inc. develops custom Windows based applications using Visual Studio, the Microsoft.NET Framework, and C#.
Mobile Android Business Applications

We specialize in writing Android based mobile applications for businesses. Clients utilizing our custom tailored applications on these devices are able to increase worker productivity and accuracy on tasks such as warehouse inventory operations, field service work, electronic signature capture, etc.

From simple mobile batch data collection applications to mobile warehouse management applications that seamlessly integrate with ERP systems, we have covered them all.

We also have over 10 years experience writing .NET Compact Framework based Windows mobile applications. Our experience with this now obsolete technology makes Southeast Solutions the perfect choice to convert your legacy Windows mobile applications into modern Android based applications. With Windows Mobile devices becoming harder and harder to purchase, don't wait too long to convert the application your business relies on!

Systems Integration
Many of our custom solutions integrate with existing systems and we've become quite proficient at fitting the pieces together. We have worked with many APIs and performed many database direct integrations when APIs are not available. If you wish to extend the functionality of your existing system you have come to the right place!
Legacy Custom Software Conversions
If you have an antiquated piece of software that can't meet your needs anymore Southeast Solutions Inc. can get you back on track with a modern solution that has much more extensibility, usability, and maintainability! We perform an in-depth analysis of the existing code and reuse all applicable business logic to save you as much time as possible defining requirements.
We are also Wavelink Speakeasy certified!

See below for Samples and more information. Southeast Solutions also designs and develops custom websites and web based applications.

Custom Software Examples

Below are just a few examples of custom software projects. Please contact us with any questions or to see more examples.

Tucker Door

  • Custom Mobile Android application to capture delivery information such as returned items, pictures of damaged items, customer signature along with GPS coordinates of signature location.
  • Route data is automatically processed when received from ERP system export.
  • Web application for viewing captured order data and generating PDF of delivery.
  • Android/Kotlin programming language
  • ASP.NET Core Web API Backend
  • ASP.NET Core backend and Angular front end for accompanying web application
Interface Example:
Tucker Door Android Application Flow

Athens Stonecasting

  • This is a custom mobile Android application developed to allow workers to perform order and inventory related operations on the spot, including printing labels for orders.
  • This application was converted from the previous .NET Compact Framework based application we did for Windows Mobile devices.
  • Data is directly pulled from and pushed to the Sage ERP system Athens Stonecasting is using.
  • Android/Kotlin programming language
  • ASP.NET Core Web API Backend
  • SQL Server
Interface Example:
Athens Stonecasting Android Application Sample

Makita Power Tools

  • Application for managing and printing serialized product labels for orders.
  • Windows service to automatically import data exported from an AS400
  • C# .NET
  • WCF TCP Service
  • NiceLabel 5 Pro
Interface Example:

Johnson Controls Project

  • Mobile field service application to record repairs to equipment.
  • Windows based administrative/dispatcher interface.
  • C# .NET
  • .NET Compact Framework
Interface Examples:

PC side administrative interface allowing administrators to create jobs for technicians to accept, view the status of jobs (open, in progress, and completed), and view the details of completed jobs.

This is the screen the technician sees on the mobile device when accepting the job.

This is the screen the technician sees on the mobile device when finishing a job. The technician is able to enter any parts used along with comments about the job.

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